At Woking Tarmac Construction Ltd, we build and resurface all types of roads, runways and carparks using the very best materials and machinery. We complete the project by offering a line marking service too!

Over our 30 years in business, we have built a solid reputation amongst major companies, organisations, local authorities and government bodies throughout the UK and Ireland.

We use leading professional road surfacing systems such as SMA and MAXPHALTE to create the ultimate, professional finish to your project. SMA is a durable surfacing material used for heavily trafficked roads. It has a high coarse aggregate content that interlocks to form a stone skeleton that resists permanent deformation. Typical SMA composition consists of 70-80% coarse aggregate, 8-12% filler, 6-7% binder and 0.3% fibre.

SMA is a high quality asphalt mortar of bitumen, sand, and filler with CFF cellulose fibre pellets acting as binder carriers to permanently bond the mineral substances. We use this material on all of our commercial projects and that is why our customers keep coming back to us because of the quality of the materials we use along with our quality workmanship. The surface texture of SMA improves the noise properties compared to concrete constructions or asphalt concrete layers. The resistance and extended service life of SMA benefits the maintenance costs during the life cycle of the road

Our dedicated team welcome all enquiries on all sized projects such as:

  • Road surfacing & line markings
  • Large & small carparks
  • Housing estate & farm roads
  • Sports courts & playgrounds
  • Road crossings
  • Forecourts

Our work is fully guaranteed and we offer competitively priced quotations.

For professional advice and guidance on all sized projects throughout UK and Ireland, call us today on 0800 230 0881, we welcome your enquiry.